So… long before I owned a DSLR, I had always loved clothing and fashion. I spent a good… year or two actually trying to design and brand myself. I tried College. Why? Why not. I thought I should try to become a graphic designer because I liked branding. Bought my DSLR, art kit, etc. Here’s the problem… I had to either have a wicked portfolio or complete this thing called “Design Foundations”. So, I signed up for the course. I lasted one semester. Was I too young? Nope, 22. Did I lack the experience and struggle with drawing? Of course! These were little things though. The thing that bothered me most was Life Drawing. Did I know what that was prior to my course. Obviously NOT! Is it the worst thing ever? No. Besides being uncomfortable with drawing naked old people, I wasn’t progressing or feeling illustrating. I seen talented illustrators too. When it came time for everyone to present their portfolios, mine was mostly photos I had taken (they had nothing to do with my course). I had a few designs, no illustrations. None of that stuff wowed anyone. The clothes were decent, but not fully designed like cut and sew. What wowed people and raised eyebrows, were my prints. My photos. Something I had no idea I’d enjoy for the next few years. I was happy. So, like anyone who’s found their gift/passion, I dropped out of my one year program, started investing in books and studying photography. I started buying equipment and using every opportunity I had to test out new ideas. I didn’t know about street photography or how laws work. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to keep shooting and keep editing. Keep studying. Keep reading. Next tutorial, next book, next shot, next. It wasn’t until this year when I began mastering manual settings and focus, that I really started trying to shoot things I wanted to shoot. For example: I love street photography. The nature of mankind. I get bored with nature because I can’t relate to a wild animal or a plant. I love clothing, branding, ads, everything you see in the streets of any average city/town. I like feeling at home with my subject(s). LOVE!

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